International Standard System of GMP and HCCP

GMP is a good practice adopted in food manufacturing and control system to ensure that products are safe for the consumer. It emphasizes on keeping the sanitation of the plant, production area, processing machineries and equipments, and environment conditions of the manufacture. It can be detailed in the following four parts:

GMP : Good Manufacturing Practice

1. Factory :
We have improved and maintained hygienic properties and standard of factory structure according to food factory design regulations.

2. Factory equipments :
All processing equipments, utensils and machineries are designed and maintained with care to provide an advanced, hygienic and effective production.

3. Personnel :
We are always concerned about personal hygiene of our personnel, including conducts that meet cleanliness and sanitation standards, i.e. personal health, clothing, adherence to correct procedures.

4. General :
Effective cleaning and housekeeping measures are strictly and constantly implemented to prevent contamination at all costs.

HACCP : Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

HACCP is a quality assurance system designed to enhance food safety. The system has been accepted of its capability to effectively prevent biological, chemical and physical hazard and contamination. Having been certified by Codex Alimentarius Commission, HACCP focuses on critical control point in manufacturing procedures management by doing a hazard analysis in a possible circumstance. In doing so, causes of food hazard – addressed from raw materials, procurement and handling to manufacturing, distribution and delivery of the finished product – can be eliminated or diminished.

Building food safety awareness

We generate and instill an awareness of how important it is to produce food safely to our employees at all levels. Trainings are provided while standard practices are adopted for everyone to work with care and concern over the well-being of the consumers as if they are our loved ones, as well as to aim for a constant high standard of food production.

Production Standards

Production Standards
Certified by
November 2004
Standards of food production according to
the Announcement of Ministry of Health
(No. 193) 2000

In the category of Production,
production equipments and food storage
Awarded "Excellence"
Food and Drug Administration
Ministry of Public Health
April 2012
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Codex Alimentarius Commission ,
Recommended International Code of Practices,
General Principles of Food Hygiene, CAC/RCP1-1969 ,Rev. 4(2003)
TUV SUD PSB (Thailand) Ltd.
HACCP Codex Alimentarius
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System and Guidelines
for its Application Annex to CAC/RCP 1-1969 , Rev. 4 (2003)
TUV SUD PSB (Thailand) Ltd.


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