Established in 1962, Bangkok Ham Product Supply has since thrived exceptionally and constantly in processed meat business. Under a reliable and prominence brand of the Single Pork, the company’s products – sausages, ham and bacon – are recognized for their quality and safety for more than 50 years. Bangkok Ham Product Supply focuses on quality assurance of the product, personnel and management, to ensure that the highest level of customers’ needs and satisfaction from our superior service are met and fulfilled effectively. The company’s extensive distribution channels include modern trade stores, supermarkets, convenient stores, restaurants, food shops, bakeries and hotels nationwide, with a high prospect of overseas expansion in the near future.

Consumers’ wellbeing is at the core of all we do, that’s why Bangkok Ham Product Supply is committed to giving its first priority to manufacturing products with finest quality and maximum safety. This has been achieved by giving rigorous attention to every production step. Only top grade ingredients are selected before going into manufacturing process with international standards, handled with care by professional staffs in various expertise, involving nutritionists, production experts and quality assurance specialists.

Having been awarded GMP (CODEX) and HACCP certification, Bangkok Ham Product Supply is still passionate about originating and developing the best products that come with unsurpassed quality to the market. From the first step to the last, Single Pork’s trademark guarantees that our products are packed with quality and safety, and trusted by customers who care about their health and wellbeing.